Amber À La Carte Restaurant

Enjoy an unforgettable journey of flavour with traditional delicacies from Turkish cuisine.
Amber À La Carte Restaurant
Amber À La Carte Restaurant
Amber À La Carte Restaurant
Amber À La Carte Restaurant
Amber À La Carte Restaurant
Amber À La Carte Restaurant
Amber À La Carte Restaurant
Amber À La Carte Restaurant
Amber À La Carte Restaurant

À La Carte Turkish Cuisine

Welcoming guests with Ottoman sherbet and a range of modern and traditional Turkish and Ottoman-style dishes, Amber Restaurant offers a splendid dining experience throughout your holiday. Traditional dishes from Turkish cuisine, including kebabs, pastries, cold appetizers and baklava, are prepared with quality and fresh ingredients at Amber Restaurant. Enjoy chic delicacies from the restaurant's terrace, with views of the pool, the sea and stunning Fethiye, located on the skirts of Babadağ.

(*Free) Amber  À La Carte Restaurant requires reservations for dinner.

Service Hours

Dinner: 18:30 - 21:30

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