Our hotels' primary objective is to give premium quality service by valuing guest satisfaction above everything. In line with this objective:

Legal Regulations
Barut Hotels are committed to compliance with the legal regulations concerning all products and service process as a principle.

Employee Safety and Investing in Human Resources
Our staff is our most valuable asset.
To minimize the risks and to prevent occupational accidents that might endanger our staff and business partners' well-being and safety, continuous improvements are being made and latest technology is used.Training our staff, preserving human rights and providing equal rights without discriminating any religion, language or race differentials among the staff are our essential principles.

Guest Satisfaction – Guest Safety – Guest Orientation
Our guests are our reason for being.To follow up on our guests' complaints and to turn the complaints into opportunities by resolving and informing our guests on the issue are our primary morals.

Respecting the Environment
Using natural resources in the most efficient way, preventing pollution and protecting the environment, minimizing waste and recycling are our main targets.

Energy Saving
Barut Hotels pride themselves in the most efficient use of energy resources and continuous improvement of energy efficiency.

Food Safety – Hygiene
It is our main principle to implement a food safety system throughout the food chain to provide high-quality products that are compliant with food safety policies, to make continuous improvements, and to prioritize hygiene requirements in all of our hotels.

Our Investors and Business Partners
We work to provide service with optimum costs that are better than our competitors’, by determining the expectations and requirements of our investor, who gives employees a peaceful and safe working environment, and our business partners, who share the same goals as we do.

Preserving the Culture and Lifestyle of the Local Area:
We know that working with the local community and the local environment is one of the most important processes of sustainability. We continue our activities in a way which will protect the lifestyles and culture of the local people in our region.

Supporting the Local Economy and Sustainable Purchasing Practices
We are aware of our contribution to the local economy. Thus, 95% of our providers and goods are local. For sustainable tourism, we purchase energy-, water- and waste-efficient, eco-friendly products and services.

Competing in both national and international markets according to these principles, our hotels always show the determination needed to be a leader, and we are constantly developing and providing the resources required for this.


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